NES Adventure

Art by: Stuffisstuff

Link: Completed Games List

I love creating new projects for to work on. I’m taking a break from the Xbox 360 games for and bit and decided to start up the NES version.

With my love for speedrunning taking over my thoughts and time I figured, why not try every NES game? This not only allows me to play games I would have never played, but it could also help me find other games I’d like to speedrun. I’ll be timing my playthroughs and, if I’m feeling crazy, submit to the (SRC).

I’m only playing officially licensed NES games that were released in the US. This list consists of 677 games. Once I’m done with those then I may entertain the idea of playing the unlicensed games. We will see where this takes us and make decisions as we go.

All videos are be uploaded to YouTube so you can check them out there if you miss the streams, but the current schedule will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30 am to 9:30 PST on my Twitch channel. I also have a channel point redemption to be able to choose the next game that I play! Can’t wait to see you all while I gasp my way to eventual victory.

Lettuce GO!