The Xbox 360 Challenge


As of March 1st 2019 I’m going to collect an entire North American Xbox 360 library. Not only am I collecting every game, but I’m also playing them live on Twitch.

Why the XBOX 360?

The 360 is one of my favorite systems ever, and in today’s market it is widely overlooked, and even looked down on. The hardware issues left a bad taste in people’s mouths causing them to turn away from the console. While it was considered a commercial success at the time. It’s not often looked back at fondly. It’s unfortunate because people are missing out on so many amazing games. I wanted to use this project to shine a spotlight on how good the system actually is and how many great games exist on the platform.

How is the next game chosen?

It’s super simple! Once a game is beaten we will do a live Marbles on Stream race to decide the next game.

How can I donate to the journey?

You can contact me on Twitch or send games to:

Stuff is Stuff
607 Elmira Rd. #169
Vacaville, CA 95687

What other games do you play?

I fell into speedrunning games after learning Ninja Gaiden and have been mostly speedrunning. I do plan on doing some other casual playthroughs at some point.