1943 (Game: 4)

  • Released: October, 1988
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Completed: TBD
  • How long to beat: TBD
  • Condition: Beat 24 Stages
  • First time beaten: TBD

I think I played this as a kid but had no idea how many mechanics were going on at the time. The moment the games starts and you get to assign three skill points made me feel like maybe I actually had never played it. This game feels like it is very reliant on making sure you choose the correct power up progression or you can paint yourself into a corner very quickly. Fortunately there are infinite continues, but so far it’s been a rough go.

My most recent attempt I got to stage 15 and wrote down the password. This may be a game that I do in sessions and pick up where I left off seeing as I don’t usually get long stream times.

I’d like to get a completed run from start to finish in one go at some point just to be able to submit a time to SRC. There are currently only two names on the board, and the more I play this game the more I’m starting to see why. Will update this section after my next attempt.