1942 (Game: 2)

  • Released: November, 1986
  • Developer: Micronics
  • Completed: 3/2/2021
  • How long to beat: 1 hr 17 min 03 sec
  • Condition: Beat 32 Stages
  • First time beaten: Yes

I think I played this as a kid but am also not sure If I’m confusing it with 1943. I’ve always enjoyed shoot em ups (SHMUPS) both vertical and horizontal so If I did play it then I’m sure I enjoyed it.

The gameplay is very simple but very fun. Shoot things and don’t get shot or run into anything. Seems easy enough, and for the most part it is, but there are some points that can get very crazy very fast. I enjoyed the game overall but the “music” or whatever that beeping is that goes on while you play is some of the most annoying things I’ve experienced in a game.

During the gameplay I couldn’t believe that people would grind the game for a WR when you have to listen to that beep boop bop for at least an hour. That being said, while I reflect on the game I can’t help but think I could do better, and the beeping doesn’t seem that bad in memory. Maybe there truly was a secret message in those beeps that made me treat it like a bad relationship. Hate it while you’re in it but remember only the good parts.

I’m not sure if I will return to this game to improve my time because I still know those beeps exist, but there is a potential WR on the table for this one if anyone wants to suffer through the incessant “soundtrack.”